Weekend to relax

I spend so much time traveling and scheduled on the weekends that I truly enjoy.

Saturday Rob and I drove up to his mom’s house and she made us roast for lunch. Saturday night was Korean BBQ with some friends. It was an experience. They start by bringing hot tea and all kinds of sides. Tofu, noodles, potato salad, salad type stuff, and some spicy dishes. Then they bring out a bucket of coals and stick it in the middle of the table cover it with a metal rack, and cook the meat right there in front of you! We had beef and pork. To eat the beef you dip the beef in bean paste and wrap it in a lettuce leaf. The pork you dip in some oil and wrap in a radish slice. Very interesting and quite tasty.

Sunday Rob and I watched a movie and took a nap with the rabbit on the couch. The bunny gave us quite a scare last night when he took a nose dive from Rob’s arms to the floor! But he seems to have recovered just fine.

And now I look forward to a busy week ahead…

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