Wow, already it’s the end of January. Where did the month go. It’s no good when the year is already flying by. Well, I made it back from Christmas and had a nice quiet easy week at work and then everything wen nuts. The schedule at work is getting shifted a lot right now. The show is undergoing some big changes, and with the re-writes, and the artists working like crazy, the episodes we were supposed to test just weren’t ready in tome. So we had to cancel and reschedule, giving ourselves a TRIPLE week.

Generally when we do our research we test one episode at a time over a two day period, and then have several days off to analyze and write the report. Occasionally we will have a Double week, where we test two episodes over two days and then have several days off to write the report. We had our first TRIPLE just before Thanksgiving, testing three episodes over five days and then had ten days off to analyze and write. Last week was number two. We tested three episodes over six days.

Friday – one show,
Monday – cancel due to snow, unfortunately I didn’t get the message until arriving at the office at 7am.
Tuesday – two shows (I left after the first to get to the office to start with the data and analysis – this episode had to be presented Tuesday at 3 – so we did in 7 hours what normally takes 4-7 days – never again)
Wednesday – one show
Thursday – one show
Friday – one show and a report due

Now six days off to prep for the next one. Which now that I look at is actually FOUR episodes over seven days… Hmmm it’s Wednesday/Thursday off then Monday – Thursday. How am I ever going to rest again.

At least I got to spend last weekend on vacation in Las Vegas with Rob.

So January is coming to a close, and work seems to be all I have accomplished.

I start classes at Hunter College next week. I’ll keep you posted.

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