What a Week For Good Things

Going down a roller slide on a playground, definitely a good thing.

This has been a crazy week to start my new year. It all started with an email. In my quest to find a job, and my hope that my old one will start again soon, I keep going back and forth between wanting to find a full time job and wanting to wait it out. Depending on several extraneous factors my anxiety over what to do fluctuates. Some days I am calm and able to believe that everything will be fine. Other days I am scouring the web for any and every job opportunity that may be out there. I’ve even met with a couple of recruiters at staffing agencies in the hopes of finding some full time work, knowing that if my hope (of more Bubble Guppies, that I do not believe in these moments) does come true, that I may have to pass…if I am in a full time position that I like that pays well and I have committed to. Of course this is also all resting on the fact that you snap your fingers and have a job. I found that really I can relax because the job market right now stinks, and if I just trust that when I do get offered a job it will be the RIGHT job for me then all is well. So back to the email. Last week, before I went to Indiana, I sent this email. It is one I had debated on for awhile, I don’t know why. I think it has to do with me not promoting myself well, and being shy when it comes to networking. Most people I know don’t really get this, I have an open and outgoing personality…with people I know. Talking to strangers…no way. And even people I kind of know, unfortunately for me that is what networking is all about. Working those minor connections. So I sent the email. To someone I have never met, but emailed with in the past, and not knowing what would happen, but it’s just cyberspace so how bad can it be?

Then I got on a plane and went to Indiana (I can’t say home anymore, cause when I did that to Rob he said, “no you’re not here” so Indiana it is. On Sunday I check my email and there are four of importance. One: for an event on how to network better in times of needing a job. Check – signed up for that one. Two: for an event on how to pitch a children’s book; Rob wanted this one because it may give us ideas on how to pitch a show too. And it is a two night event, so more networking. Check – I’m in, and because it’s through an organization I belong to, FREE. Three: from an old friend I haven’t seen in awhile saysing yes to my invite for drinks. And as this friend is from somwhere I used to work – it counts. And Four: back to the email I sent, a response. Yes, he’d like to meet with me and talk about freelance, and when can I come in next week. I set the meeting for Tuesday. And enjoy the rest of my weekend.

Tuesday comes and I have my meeting, but not just me Rob has one too! (His was set while we were in NM) So we head into the city for our interviews. And a good day! Rob came back and was excited. He won’t know for awhile if it’s a go, but he has some things in the works, and his music video and website are coming along smashingly.

I had a great interview as well at (this is what you’ve been waiting for) Sesame Workshop! The dream job, what got me into this in the first palce. I was asked to come back on Friday for a training session and to bring my passport for the paperwork. YAY! Wednesday I had drinks with Jack. We caught up on life and work and what’s going on. And he knows some people at “the Workshop” who aren’t necessarily research but more networking… So I have those names to contact when I have a chance.

Friday I went in for my training on how to be a freelance researcher for Sesame Workshop. It’s a lot like being a researcher at Nick Jr. So for me it was pretty easy to do the observation, but it’s a new recoding sheet, so I have to get used to the format. At the end of the day, they’ll call me. But I am officially on the freelance list, and that means work! And all because I finally got the guts to send one little email.

So I am finally able to relax a little. I am going to see where the freelancing takes me. And keep on the tight budget. And remember to trust that everything will work out and that Rob and I will be fine.

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