The real story…

Ok, so I knew it was coming. Rob and I have been talking for a couple of months, and I had gone ring looking by myself to tell him a little of what I likes (round stone, side accents). SO Rob was going to go ring shopping on Saturday. I knew this, I even knew he might buy something. I was supposed to be out of town…but my plans changed, so I told Rob that what ever he does just tell me he didn’t find anything. Of course boys never listen…

Rob gets back to his apartment, where I had been painting his office all afternoon, and says “I didn’t get anything” then starts laughing. I go into the bedroom to get my stuff because Rob is going to drive me on a couple of errands and what do I see but a fancy bag sitting on the chair. Rob says “That’s what I didn’t buy you.” and starts laughing again. I told him he should put it away, but he thought it was more fun his way.

On the way to the errands Rob INSISTS on telling me all about his day, including describing all of the rings he really “didn’t” buy, and the one he “didn’t buy.” The boy is driving me nuts. We went to my apartment to drop off the car (I have better parking) and decided that Monday is the only day this week I have the evening to go to dinner. So we plan our fancy dinner to go to the restaurant where we had our first date, and then to Lincoln Center to the fountain where Rob first held my hand. This gives Rob a couple of days too as he is (at this point) still waiting for some permission.

Then we went to see 27 Dresses. Right before the movie starts Rob sees that my Dad had called, so he decides to call my Dad back DURING THE PREVIEWS. I said he cant’ do that, he says why not, I say because I’m right here, and he says that it will be fun. (Sorry Dad, I was next to Rob when you talked to hi, but I had my ears covered the whole time and was bright red) Rob really had his fun with taunting me.

Then after the movie Rob says do we really have to wait until Monday. I told him he could do whatever he wanted since he didn’t buy anything. (To tell teh truth I was pretty happy and giggly throughout the afternoon.)

We went back to Rob’s apartment and I wanted to check on the paint. But Rob told me to sit down. I said no I have to check the paint. And he told me to stay there. I said “You’re going to do it NOW?!” He said yes and sat down in front of me.

It went something along the lines of you are the most wonderful woman and something and something and something and will you marry me? I don’t really remember as I started to laugh. Some cry I laugh. Then he gave me the box. And I asked to open it and if I got to put the ring on. Rob said “Well it’s yours…wait did you answer?” I said yes, and laughed some more.

When I calmed down I called my family. And then the tears started. Rob just said “There are the tears I paid for :)”

And that is the whole story. Tonight we go for our fancy dinner and to Lincoln Center. I told Rob that I’ve been practicing for this a long time. Just look at this picture…

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