Back to School

So it has been a very busy few weeks. In addition to a crazy busy work schedule and now planning a wedding, I have started taking classes at Hunter College. I am taking Statistics and Human Development. I am planning on going back to school for a graduate degree in Developmental Psychology (very helpful for my job in research) but first I need to get a couple of undergraduate classes out of the way.

It’s strange being in class again. The study habits are returning slowly, but I am realizing how much I have learned in my few short years of work experience, and especially the last few months at Nickelodeon. So far Statistics is a lot more vocabulary because I have been doing the math at work. But I have a feeling it is going to get harder.

Developmental Psych is going to be interesting, because I just like learning how we learn and change. And seeing into the mind of a pre-schooler…the things they say.

The hardest part has really been finding my way around the College buildings, and learning the computer server. Who ever heard of Blackboard…the new online classroom program for posting assignments and discussion boards. Technology changes so fast.

I am a student again.

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