Weekend with Dad

My dad came to visit this weekend. To hang out and to get to know Rob a little bit. They’ve only met briefly a few times. So this was a good time to all hang out and talk. Friday night we went to Home Depot and bought pots and dirt and flowers and hanging things (see below post) Then we went to dinner at Donovan’s.
Saturday we started off with brunch at Sarabeth’s. It was pretty delicious. Then we headed up to the Cloisters. Rob had never been and an outdoor (sort of) museum is a great way to spend a nice summer day.
Here is a shot of Rob and Dad sitting on a bench at the Cloisters.

After we got caught in a rainstorm at the Boat Basin. But when the rain hit a pause it cleared out and we got a table, and there we ate some delicious peel and eat shrimp.
Sunday brought us Father’s Day and a nice breakfast at a local Diner in Woodside. We spent the afternoon playing in dirt and planting flowers. Then a second quick trip to Home Depot to pick up two more pots (I bought too many flowers) We all went to church where Dad got to meet most of my New York friends. Then we had some Thai food to add in some different cuisine than the burgers and waffles we have eaten up until now. After dinner I showed Dad lots of wedding stuff then he turned in for an ealy night and a 4:30 departure this morning. A pretty good weekend overall.

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