Canisters and Cookbooks

Thanks to my wonderful finace, I now have two shelves in the kitchen. Tonight they are complete with canisters, cookbooks, and what Rob calls decorative crap (My bottles of chili peppers and my chickens from Brazil) The canisters are a gift from my aunt and uncle and are now full of sugar, salt, and soon other baking goods.

And thanks to my awesome bosses at work, I have a set of cookbooks to get me through the first year of marriage and more! Time to get cooking.

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One thought on “Canisters and Cookbooks

  1. >Good luck with the wedding! I'm so excited for you! I was thinking of you recently. Do you remember when we downloaded that bad movie from the internet & the final edits hadn't been made yet? So every time there was an action sequence that required CGI, it was just wire frames – no images?! I don't know why that came up, but it made me laugh!

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