Batman…at midnight

So Rob really wants to see the Dark Knight…in IMAX. We went to the theater Saturday afternoon to buy tickets and the next available showing (that wasn’t during work) was tonight at midnight. So I am about to eat some dinner and then take a nap, as my staying out all night days are long behind me.

Also note that I have been told by Rob that I do not plan dates, I just tell him we should go on one. I have thus been instructed to plan and execute one date before we get married. Mind you this is less than 13 days away now that it is evening. I have also been told that me saying yes we should see a midnight movie does not count.

So batman, and then what?
Any ideas for a simple yet romantic date that costs less than $40 for two and can be executed in the next 8 days?

I’ll let you know how the movie goes.

It was worth it. Even getting only 4 hours of sleep and being tired at work. There was no point during the movie in which I wished I were home in bed. But what does it say that so many people are willing to wait in line two hours before the movie starts because we know it is a sold out show…and on a school night

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2 thoughts on “Batman…at midnight

  1. >Sounds like you enjoyed the movie! I think you and rob should go have a lunch date in Central park – maybe paired with a trip to MOMA.Cheap & fun!

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