Birthday Week for Rob

Today is the official start of Rob’s Birthday Week.  He will be 34 on July 6th.  However, there is a chance that the baby will forever ruin Rob’s birthday, because if they have to share we all know Rob will take the backseat.  We want to make this birthday a good one, but we also knew we should start early.  When Rob said he’d like to see a show for his birthday I bought the tickets.  For May 31.  To see  The Book of Morman, which is a pretty hot ticket to get right now.

When I bought the tickets there were only partial view seats (boxes) available until mid-August.  But since we live here I just asked for the best available seats in May or June.  That’s what we got.  The downside to box seats is we missed action on the far right, but not such a big deal.  The upside is that we were in real chairs so it was easier to move as needed and Rob had LEG ROOM!

Our location also made it a prime spot to scan the audience for famous people.  I am not so great at spotting celebrities.  I once literally walked into Hank Azaria on 42nd Street and didn’t recognize him.  Rob pointed it out once I’d apologized for my clumsiness and we were out of earshot.  But the woman behind us recognized Jack Nicholson sitting just below us.  There were also some other well know theater folk in attendance, but I didn’t recognize those names.

in the blue and black about to sit down

We had no camera on this outing, so the iPod photos throughout this post will have to do.  I know you can’t really tell, but trust me, it’s him.

in the blue and black behind the two guys in blue

Happy Birthday Week to my awesome husband who puts up with so much from me!

Also on the agenda for birthday week: 1) dinner this past Wednesday at Salt & Fat, the new hot restaurant in the ‘hood  2) Transformers 3 and brunch one morning this weekend  3) an activity or meal TBD  4) cake at home, maybe with a few friends over  5) most likely have a baby

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