>One Stuck Duck!

>Last night I went to a film premiere. For a film that my husband Rob Powers and a group of his friends made. It all started in June, when they entered a 72 hour film festival, which means that they had 72 hours to create a film from concept to final. This got the creative juices flowing, and they already had the Production Company name (One Stuck Duck) and they set about making a second film, which has been in production for the last two months. Monday night, or maybe really early Tuesday morning, the film was complete. Just in time for last nights showing at Blondie’s East Side. There were around 100 friends who showed up for the screening. Check out this post for info on the first film. It is a challenge for animators to keep working at jobs that pay, but to also do their own creative projects on the side. I’m hoping they stick to it, and more films will follow.

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