The First Step is Admitting the Problem

I have a problem, or I might say had a problem, because through not purposeful steps of my own it is seeming to resolve itself. You see I am a blog-stalker, a more polite term is blog-hopper. It’s when you are reading the blog of someone you know, and then decide to look at what their friends are posting and find a couple of really good ones, then start looking at what their friends are posting, etc., etc. This isn’t the worst of problems, I mean some blogs are meant to be read by the masses. And the whole reason you post on the web is so people can read it. It’s just that the blogs I like to read are just about people’s lives. Reading about the everyday fascinates me. I think the most I was every reading consistently was 12. But really 12 blogs about people’s lives who I don’t even know. And I change the blogs that I read some, when people stop posting often I lose the urge to check in everyday, or sometimes life circumstances change and it’s just not as interesting., sometimes I get a little bored and find someone new who is more interesting through the newness, and sometimes I realize that maybe it is a little weird to feel so invested in someone else’s life. Like my Grandma when she watches her soap operas, you don’t know these people but you feel like you do. So yes I have a problem.
But I’m finding that lately I’m not reading as many blogs, or at least not checking in quite so often. My blog is my homepage, so I do look to see who’s updated in the last day and check those every morning. What changed this is that I am home now. And I’m not sitting on the computer all day, for the most part – now I’m watching tv 🙂 Really I am getting a chance to hang out with my husband, and I’m going out and doing errands. And more importantly I am going to networking events and working a little. All things that pull me away from the screen. I still get the urge to hop around and find new blogs, but I don’t check in as often. So is it really a problem, I don’t know. There is a small part of me though, that hopes there are a few other freaks like myself who find this blog worth stalking. We’ll see. If admitting the problem is the first step, do I really need a second. What’s one more blog hopper in the world really going to hurt?

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