>On the second day of advent


The plan for December is to post a picture a day leading up until Christmas.
Today’s picture is from our date last night to see the Rockettes.And one of me.And now for those of you who like reading my ramblings: Some background on why we went to the show (paragraph 1), the great discount (paragraph 2), why I need to start a diet and exercise (paragraph 3), and a plea for help. If you read it all there is another picture.

The Rocketts are pretty awesome. When I used to dance, I always thought it would be the coolest job ever to be a Rockette. And I am tall enough to be the shortest Rockette. (Except I think they might have raised the height by half-an-in, so maybe not anymore) When the Rockettes are in thier kickline they line up by height giving the illusion that everyone is the same height (5’5.5″ – 5’10.5″ or 5’6″ – 5’11”) So much fun to watch. I saw the show for the first time a few years ago, and when I found out Rob had never been, it was really a given that we would end up at Radio City eventually. Last year is wasn’t in the cards. But this year I was determined.

I found a $10 off per ticket coupon and went to the box office. I said I want the best seats in the second price range for any day the first two weeks of December. I got two tickets for December 1. And then the best present I could ask for, that I didn’t even think of – I paid with my Capital One card. And because Capital One is sponsering the show this year, Capital One customers get 50% off. (I don’t know this officially, but since I didn’t ask why I got the discount it’s all I can think of, if you have Capital One and live in NYC you should check it out) We got really good seats, five rows back, left section, and $36 EACH!

And now to why I need to diet. I know most people don’t dress up for theater and shows and such, but I like to. Rob wore jeans with a blazer, and since it was warmish yesterday I planned to wear my spagetti strap Ann Taylor dress with the new H&M shrug I bought and heels instead of boots. So I started getting ready, I pulled out the dress and slipped it on and OH NO! I couldn’t get the zipper up. At first I thought it was just that I couldn’t quite reach the top of the zipper part. I debated put the sweater on and have Rob finish the zip when I get to the office to meet him. Or change. (This is when having a sister or husband at home when dressing is really really helpful) Unfortunatly it was just me. I looked at the zipper a few more minutes and came to the AWFUL and SAD conclusion that the 10 pounds I gained last winter / spring and have been trying so hard to avoid (I can still wear my casual clothes) have put me fully into a new fancy dress clothes size. The dress just didn’t fit. So I went to option 2: my black skirt with a silk blouse and the shrug. This one fit, just a little to tight in the top, but too lowcut to work with the shrug. I was now bordering on running late due to wardrobe malfunction. I was left with three options: 1. wear a sweater and skirt and be hot, 2. wear my black strapless dress with a colored shrug sweater and hope for the best, 3. wear pants and just give up on fancy clothes. I went with option 2. The black strapless dress is all elastic, and doesn’t fit as well as it once did in a time long ago, but it fit. With the sweater and boots I was good to go. I met Rob on time, we went to the show then out to dinner. A great night over all.

And now I am back to the delimma I and trying so had to ignore. Do I eat better and exercise (bearing in mind I am in one of those moods where I want to eat everything in sight, pizza and cheesburgers are the current cravings I don’t have the food to fill in the apartment right now) or do I just accept it, donate all the old clothes and go on a shopping spree (bearing in mind I don’t actually have a job at the moment) Any advice?

One more picture to reward anyone who actually read this far.A lameish picture – but we had awesome seats, and got to keep the 3D glasses.

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