Thirteenth Day of Advent

On the thirteenth day of advent we started out the day by giving our blood. Williamsburg Church was supposed to have a blood drive – but the truck’s heat was broken, so they got another truck but it’s heat was broken too. So those of us who were there got to give blood, then the rest of the drive was canceled. We’ll try again in the spring. Rob did really well this time, he laid down and didn’t get sick at all. I on the other hand got super nauseous and had to lay down for 15 minutes after I was done with a trash bag just in case. I didn’t need the trash bag, and once I sat up and had some water, juice, and cheese it’s I did just fine. The guy told me next time to have a non-diet soda right before I give, I guess to help with sugar.

After that we spent the rest of the day walking around and did pretty good being down a pint and all. We finished all of our Christmas shopping and got a topper for our tree finally. It’s silver and has lots of glitter. It’s not our ideal topper, we really want an angel topper that isn’t creepy. So many of the angel are little wierd looking; the star will hold us over til we find the perfect one – or forever.
Then we picked up my cousin Krystle from the train station and began our NYC sightseeing weekend.

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