#MicroblogMondays: Christmas crafty

Grad school and littles have made holidays, especially Christmas, a strange time of year for me.  Babies are physically exhausting and thankfully we are moving out of that phase. But Grad school and teaching college puts the emotional exhaustion of the end of a semester right in the middle of the holidays. I really love to sew and make things. Last year I couldn’t pull it together to do anything more than set up the tree. Caleb never got his stocking.  This year though I’ve made the time, and stayed up much to late making and it’s been wonderful. Caleb has a stocking,  A friend has a Christmas box of handmade goodies in the mail very soon. I finally made Simon the puppy/doll carrier he picked fabric for months ago.

It’s nice to discover this little piece of me that is still there.

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