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Last Saturday Rob stepped up his game. Now that the music video is finished he is able to focus a little attention on me rather than the computer. So Saturday he packed a bag with some wine and picked up some hero sandwiches from Luigi’s and took me to Central Park for a picnic. We sat on a rock and watched some Little League action while we ate. Our biggest mistake was forgetting what 80+ degrees really meant – we were both wearing jeans. After finishing our lunch (half of it anyhow, great leftovers) we walked through the park and over to Dylan’s Candy Bar. A sugar overload that was giving away snow cones and had a chocolate fountain set up. We went upstairs to the ice cream bar. Where we shard the cookie explosion sundae (cookie mess ice cream, caramel topping, peanut butter chip cookie, candy, whipped cream, I’m sure I’m forgetting something) for $9. It was worth every bit of that, and it defeated us. We could not finish. I ate to much. Definitely ate to much of it, but oh man, it was heavenly. After we left the candy bar Rob took me shopping. Now this is why he is the best husband ever, not the only reason, but one of them, he takes me shopping and is good at helping me find things that look good and fit well.

There was this dress at Ann Taylor that I have been eying, and when we were in Boston, Rob saw the dress in a window and pointed it out. So we went to Ann Taylor, the only dress left in the whole store was the one in the window. So she looked up in the data base if any nearby stores had it. There was a store that had 3 left in my sizes. So Rob said let’s do it, but if they don’t have it we are going home. OK! I found a 4 and a 4 petite. I tried them on. Rob wasn’t so impressed with the 4. He said it was too loose at the top. So I tried on the 4 petite. This one Rob liked, but wasn’t so comfortable (as I’m not really petite) because the waist was a little too high. as I was in the fitting room contemplating, another woman in the fitting room wanted to know if I was getting the dress because if not she wanted to try it on. She really needed a 6P but the sales lady was explaining how the sizing worked, which is when I realized that I actually needed a size 2! I am back into a size 2! This is exciting for me. They had one left in the store, on the manican in the window. She got the dress, and it fits so nicely. Rob said I could buy it (there was no waiting for it to go on sale, there are like 3 left, it’s sold out online) and I did. I now have the perfect dress for the summer weddings lined up this year.

Recap: Rob is awesome for his date planning and shopping.
I am a size 2 again, and that means there is a 90% chance all my summer clothes will fit this year.

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