How to Win a Wii OR The one with all the run-on sentences, Beware OR Sorry I’ve been remiss in blogging…

…as my mom pointed out. But I have been busy. I’m here to re-enter blogging after a two-week hiatus (much better than the months long breaks many of my friends take if I may point out) by letting you know how you could win a free Wii or an iPod.

Thanks to my hobby of reading random blogs I can across this one where in addition to reading about how others are making a go of it by not spending much, is written by a fellow Hoosier, which makes it read worthy in and of itself, but the tips are good too. Sorry for the really long run on sentences here, or maybe not sorry but I am aware of it. In the comments of one of Karen’s posts I came across this blog, which isn’t as helpful for me personally, but it’s so interesting to read how different our lives are. Oh, and in addition to the fact that she is also a fellow Hoosier, her name is Kacie, so I must read. AND TODAY I READ ABOUT HOW I AND YOU TOO COULD ENTER TO WIN A FREE Wii. Which is a video game system for those who may not know (mom) and is something we definitely don’t NEED, but really WANT.

So go to THIS SITE to see how you could enter to win a Wii or an iPod. And it’s a Christian Personal Finance site, so you can also read the tips on how to maybe get a handle on all that spending that is sure to happen as soon as you win the Wii, because you totally have to go out and buy all the games and accessories!

Ok, done with the run-on sentances. I’m off to a bachelorette party soon – depending on the party I may or may not be able to blog about it – just kidding. But look soon for a post with pictures from Mom’s memorial day visit. And maybe one about all the work I’ve been doing, hence the too busy to blog. ok now I’m done for real.

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