Wedding Fun

Vince and Kaylene got married! Woo hoo! I was so excited to be at their wedding and get to hang out with college friends. We spent the weekend with Sara and Dave, and Carrie and her new husband Dave came in too. Here is the one picture of the ceremony Continue Reading


On my birthday, it rained…a lot. It poured non-stop. I had already decided to wear my pink shoes. I didn’t want to change my outfit. I was wet. It was worth it. After work and a meeting Rob took me out to dinner. We tried a new (to us) Mexican Continue Reading

My Favorite Place

It’s summer in New York. I think. Yesterday it was cold and rainy. Today it is rainy and humid and feels like about 90 degrees outside. My hair is crazy. Yesterday I forgot a folder I was supposed to drop off. So I had to bring it in today, on Continue Reading

Hit and Run

Why are people jerks? I really don’t get it. Rob and I went to dinner in Manhattan tonight and afterward were walking up 9th Ave. At the corner of 55th street we heard a loud sound, we thought a car hit another car. We turned around, there was no wreck, Continue Reading