New Blog for the terrible Twos

Wow, I’ve been blogging for two years now. And I’ve mostly been consistent. I’d say I’m going to stick with this thing. So for the surprise. I’ve been thinking about this for awhile, and really it is still as ready as it was on Sunday, but it’s a special occasion of sorts (being a blog-a-versary and all) so here it is.

I’ve decided it’s time for a blog overhaul.

The info you don’t really need: I want to get my blog tied to my correct email address. I started before I got married and was using my name as email (kaseykakes as my new email actually came from my blog because kaseypowers was taken)

So my BLOG HAS MOVED! to a new and improved home. This time around I actually did more of the coding myself in setting size and color and image parameters. As I don’t know a ton about html, I really just modified the template I had, so there are a few pink and purple things that I am working on changing. If anyone knows the code for these things, the purple post breaks, the pink blogroll arrows, would love to know how to change them. It’s a work in progress.

Rob says the new blog is a little more masculine looking. I think of it as gender neutral. And half of my posts are about Rob anyhow. And that is the little project I’ve been working on. Let me know what you think of the new design.

Since I started school, I know I want to blog about this new endeavor in my life. But I also want it to be a safe place where if I decide to maybe vent a little it won’t come back to bite me. So, I am introducing DoctorK-Pow My Journey to a PhD as a private blog.

This does not mean I don’t want you my friends and family to read it. It’s just I need to add you to the reader list. And because Google has decided they want to take over the world, you need a google account to sign in (this does not mean you have to use google email, just create an account – if you have a google account you just need to be signed in) Anyhow, if you want to be added to the reader list, send me an email.

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