Cohort Outing #1

My grad school cohort got together Friday evening for some R&R at The Half King. Happily we were able to be seated in the back garden, thank you Marko for being forceful and getting that taken care of. Also, it was happy hour for the first hour we were there; perfect for poor students and their SOs. We were sans Rachel and DeShawn, they were missed. It was great to meet Andy and Marko (and everyone else got to meet Rob). I‘m sure we’ll have many more of these outings. Somehow we must hold on to our sanity.

Pictures from the night. Naja had th
e camera most of the time, and I was glad to see one good picture with her and Andy, otherwise it was going to be the one of half her face that made the blog…

me and Rob and Kristal

Kristal, the baby of the group coming straight from undergrad

Andy (Naja’s SO)

Bianca and Svetlana

and again

Bianca and Marko (with a K who is Svetlana’s SO)

Marko and Svetlana

in love

Rob and Kristal

Andy and Naja

one more of me and Rob

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