#microblogmondays – Coffee date edition

Microblog_MondaysIf we were meeting for coffee I would want to tell you all about the fabulous time we had in LA last weekend. But I’d probably end up talking about how hard it is to recover from jet lag while working and being buried under mountains of laundry. But I did finally get caught up on the laundry.

If we were meeting for coffee I would want to tell you all about how excited I am about my new dissertation project. But then the conversation would probably stop there since I’m still working on the short synopsis and not really comfortable talking about the minutiae yet.

If we were meeting for coffee I should tell you about how I got to sit in the ACTUAL THINKING CHAIR from Blu.e’s Clu.es and got to attend a meeting at the United Nations (a very strange life dream of mine fulfilled). But I’d probably end up telling you about Caleb’s ENT appointment that was earlier that day. And how devastating it is to watch your child not respond to sounds you can hear even though this was just confirmation to what I already knew. Caleb has a temporary hearing loss due to chronic ear infections (hearing loss is in the slight to mild range – so REALLY not that big of a deal, but I’m the mom so I’m allowed to freak out about it). This goes to likely explain why he isn’t talking yet. And he needs tubes. For a variety of reasons we are going to wait a few weeks and recheck his ears before proceeding. I’m not sure what scares me more, surgery and anesthesia or waiting with the possibility the ears don’t clear and it’s that much longer before he can hear well.

If we were meeting for coffee I’d probably cry a little. And I’d say thank you for listening.


And I’m hoping to pull myself out from under school and sick kid stress and post a TON of pictures very soon. The blog may also remain quiet for awhile longer.


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5 thoughts on “#microblogmondays – Coffee date edition

  1. If we were meeting for coffee, I dig down in my purse and find you a pack of Kleenex so you could blow your nose after you cry. And offer you a cinnamon mint to boot.

    Hope the hearing issue gets fixed soon; that it goes smoothly.

  2. Oh Kasey, that’s a lot on your plate lately! I’m thankful to hear it’s just temporary hearing loss and that we live in a time that we can do something about it. I can’t wait to hear more about LA – you looked fantastic in the pics I saw!

  3. So much going on. Thankful to hear your son’s hearing loss is temporary, but I can understand the tears about it anyway. *big hugs* I have plenty of tissues and fish crackers at the moment. 🙂

  4. Sending you a hug and some extra mama-strength. You’re smart to give it time with Caleb to make sure you know that’s exactly what he needs. And as for everything else. Just breathe. One thing at a time. You got this. YOU GOT THIS!!! 🙂

  5. Aw, I’m sorry about Caleb. That’s so hard! We went through that with Cason not being able to hear. After he got tubes, he was a different kid for the better! And he just started talking. It was neat to see. But it is so scary your kid having any procedure. Hang in there, mama!

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