A Day in the Life: 12th of September

I started blogging four years ago on Wednesday.  One of those early, first month I was blogging posts was a rundown of my crazy day.  I was thinking today that I should do a play-by-play post and remembered that early one.  You can read about that day, I started at 5:15, I’m guessing I went to bed the night before between 10 and midnight.  It’s funny how my life is so different, yet still very much the same.

I’m going to start this day at midnight, due to no longer sleeping through the night.

Midnight – Go to bed after folding baby laundry and finishing prepping for my class today.
2:ish am – FEED THE BABY
4:54 am – FEED THE BABY
6:15 am – FEED THE BABY
6:20 am – Alarm goes off, it’s NPR so I let it play
6:25 am – Put baby back in bassinet and hit snooze so I can sleep 10 more minutes before getting up
7:14 am – Overslept, wake to radio, get up start shower and ask Rob to please change and dress the baby.  So glad I laid out clothes and diapers last night.
7:35 – Pump for five minutes so baby has a snack
7:48 am – Leave for CSI with Simon.  Only 10 minutes late, but no time for either of us to have breakfast (and I never got around to packing lunch either)
8:05 am – on the 7 train.
8:34 am – on the Express Bus to SI
10:00 am – arrive at the lab where I work, FEED THE BABY drink some water, eat an energy bar
10:10 am – Simon charms the office ladies, I check my mailbox
10:15 am – check email and respond to students, count photocopies for class, random class prep stuff, meet with a student, Anna (a fellow grad student, who has generously agreed to childcare) arrives and I go over Simon’s care (diapers, bottle, etc…)
10:55 am – FEED THE BABY
11:10 am – teach my class
1:10 pm – finish class meet with a student, pick up the baby, who is freaking out in the hall, on the way to the office with student to fix a schedule problem.
1:15 pm – give Simon back to Anna so I can sign some papers
1:20 pm – FEED THE BABY who is like OMG I am starving and you never FEED ME
1:50 pm – Simon is asleep. Eat an energy bar, drink some water. Answer student emails, work on online class prep.
2:10 pm – meet with Patty
2:15 pm – meet with another student
2:30 pm – head to office to fix more scheduling things.
2:45 pm – BABY woke up and OMG you left me alone and I don’t know where I am and I am going to FREAK OUT
2:50 pm – FEED THE BABY
3:00 pm – Simon is happy, start working on the three things I MUST finish before leaving (two of them are sending two sentence emails…)
3:30 pm – Simon has had ENOUGH of work today.  Meet with Naomi.
3:50 pm – Finish last email.  Pack up.
4:00 pm – leave the lab
4:15 pm – Express Bus back to Manhattan, think about reading for class on Wednesday, take a nap instead.
5:15 pm – On the 7 train
5:48 pm – Arrive home and OMG I woke up and I don’t care that you are wearing me in the carrier I don’t know where I am and am going to FREAK OUT, and I’m really wet and I think you forgot to feed me today.
5:50 pm – change the baby
5:53 om – FEED THE BABy
6:00 pm – ask Rob to please turn on the US Open because I’m still FEEDING THE BABY
6:10 pm – hand the baby to the Daddy and eat a pudding cup
6:50 pm – FEED THE BABY
7:00 pm – Pour a glass of wine, and blog, the veggie lasagna (thank you Tammy!) is almost done.
7:02 pm – Simon FREAKS OUT again.  Rob has him, he’s not wet, dirty, or hungry.  Rob plays his least favorite game “Cry Until Your Tired”  Simon lost around 7:20.  He sleeps until he’ll be ready to eat again soon.

Kind of ready for bed now.  The rest of the night will include eating dinner, watching tennis, watching Bachelorpad #guiltypleasure, and bed by 10:30 – I hope.  And of course there will be more FEEDING THE BABY.

Tomorrow we go to the doctor for our 2 month shots.

*Simon travels in the Ergo carrier on these trips.  He pretty much sleeps the entire time.  I can feed him in it if I need to.
*I do NOT eat enough on CSI days.  Kind of no time, but I’m working on it.  Usually if I pack something I eat it, but it might take a couple of hours.  The second energy bar today actually took two “sessions”

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2 thoughts on “A Day in the Life: 12th of September

  1. o. m. g. utter craziness. you are awesome. just reading that makes me tired. in fact, i think i fell asleep around 3:50.

  2. o. m. g. utter craziness. you are awesome. just reading that makes me tired. in fact, i think i fell asleep around 3:50.

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