Our Home 2

Foyer again. On the right and not in the picture is my IU poster from Assembly Hall that Rob framed for me. The white shelf with my purse on it holds all of our scarves, hats, gloves, and rain stuff. The shelf has some books, my school binders, and holds the mail and bills. The closet to the left holds the winter coats, ironing board, vacuum, and miscellaneous home stuff.

My desk straight ahead has Rob’s old monitor, and some books. The chandelier is a hollow gourd with stained glass that we picked up on our honeymoon. My laptop (hooked into the monitor) is under the desk sitting on the archival boxes of some of Rob’s family scrapbooks. Both shelves hold picture frames of family and friends.

At my desk and to the right is the living area. The table in the bottom left (you can see the corner of a green book on it) is the one from here and here. Cold case is on the screen. I’ve been talked our of recovering the purple chair. The rabbit is still living under the pin ball machine / craft table. There is a new picture on the wall (in the black frame in the corner) the poster from The Coney Island Film Festival. Doors to balcony, couch, Rob’s arm.

Behind the couch is Rob’s “office” while Josh has been living with us. He has a nice space on that table and the art from his thesis film hanging above.

Still to come: kitchen / dining, extra room / office transformation, second bathroom. Let’s see how long that will take to go up…

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