(self portrait, Times Square)

Sara came to visit me in April. I love love love the girl time we get to spend, just us (well Rob gets to eat with us, and shop a little) every couple of years. We walked, talked, shopped, and ate for two days. Mostly talked. Those who know us both well are still amazed at the number of words we exchange. I found the perfect pair of vintage* cowboy boots, I have been searching for about a year. I also spent my leeftover gift cards form Christmas and got two tops and a dress for summer. Oh how I love the infusion of new to the wardrobe.

*code for used and expensive

We ate lunch at Marie Bell. The shop has a cute little tea room for lunch and hot chocolate. Here is the chandelier and a row of hot chocolate mix.
We also spent some time walking through Central Park. We rode the Carousel and hung out by the Public Art.Yay! for friends. And what is super exciting is next time I see Sara, she will have had her BABY.

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