High Line

Years ago when Rob and I met we worked together in Chelsea. Our first date was a group date (a play and dinner). We went to this pub.


Also at work we had a roof deck for lunch and after-work parties where we could see workmen building the High Line. The park on the rail line opened a few years ago, we finally made a visit a few weeks ago.


It runs from just south of 14th street to 34th street. Short enough that Simon walked the whole thing, it took us about 90 minutes.


A toddler’s dream with things to climb on and room to run and there are snacks. Simon got a taste of his first popsicle. He didn’t like the cold but he kept coming back for more!


I took entirely too many pictures and restrained myself to only 30 – for the non-grandparent types I apologize for the nearly identical photos.

highline_03 highline_04 highline_06 highline_07 highline_08 highline_09 highline_10 highline_11 highline_14 highline_13 highline_12 highline_17 highline_16 highline_15 highline_23 highline_22 highline_21 highline_20 highline_19 highline_18 highline_26 highline_25 highline_24 highline_28 highline_32 highline_31 highline_30 highline_35



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