One Perfect Tomato

I have one perfect cherry tomato. The green one behind is actually twice the size of the red one. That pot is called a patio tomato. I think those are going to be big. And I might not get too many of them. Last year I grew grape tomatoes with great success. Home Depot was out of grape tomato plants when I was there, so I tried something new. I don’t think I am going to have as many this year. But I’m learning.

Other notes on my garden. The parsley and lettuce are doing pretty well from seed. The lettuce could use some more room, but i work with what I’ve got. Next year I am going to wait on the basil though. It’s not going to get very big from seed, and I will do better to just be patient and wait for the plants. My mint kind of died in a wind storm. It’s perked back up some, but not great. My flowers are doing ok. I have one pot of random seeds, I still don’t know what is growing there. Rob planted strawberries. They are nice and green, but tiny.

One of the problems with seeds is you have to pull up 90% of them from the pot if you want the few remaining ones to thrive, and I just hate to do that. I don’t know why. But I do. I enjoy my little garden. And like to watch it grow.

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