Who doesn’t love a good pizza.  Occasionally, when I chance it, I shop at Trader Joe’s.  I really love the freezer section and the snacks.  Last year on a whim I picked up some of their refrigerator pizza dough.  We made our own pizza.  It was delicious.  Then I wondered Continue Reading


Saturday night Rob and I had the opportunity to attend the PSCH Gala through his work.  It was black-tie optional, which means Rob could wear his suit, but I totally needed something new.  So last weekend Rob took my shopping for and evening gown.  Saturday night we got dressed up.  Continue Reading

Coney Island Film Festival

Friday was the opening night party at the Coney Island Film Festival, which takes place (obviously) at Coney Island.  What makes this festival unique is the fact that is comes with a sideshow.  Rob says it’s the most fun of any festival he’s attended – and we went to Cannes Continue Reading

Monday Morning

On Monday mornings I have quite the commute.8:30am – 7 train8:50am – N or Q train9:10am – R train9:35am – arrive at Whitehall station9:45am – the best part of the trip… Staten Island Ferry …the Staten Island Ferry.  On a nice day I stand or sit on the back deck Continue Reading

Go Mets!

Wednesday night Rob, Josh, and I had tickets to the Mets vs. Pirates game.  It was my first Mets game.  I went to a Yankees game in 2007 (I was going to link up, but I realized I wasn’t blogging then).  What I learned is I like baseball.  And that Continue Reading