Crazy Storm

So tonight on the way home the 7 train wasn’t running.  So I took the 4 uptown to the bus.  On the way I heard rumors that other trains weren’t running either.  I got on the bus, the Q32 never fails me.  I was lucky, some people at the stop had been waiting for an hour.  Then the bus stopped taking new passengers because it was full.  People on the street were not happy.

At Queensboro Plaza it was crazy with people taking over the street pounding on the side of the bus.  It felt kind of like a riot.  It also reminded me of the tornado of August 2007.  That day it took me hours to get to the preschool where we were researching.  I was lucky that day because the 7 was running but nothing else.  Luckily I didn’t get stuck because the rest of the researchers managed to get a cab by telling some kid that he was going share and got in the cab with him.

Tonight I come to find out it may have been another tornado. Nuts!

Check out the story in the New York Times.

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