Jamba Theif!

So I have this new found love of Jamba Juice Granola smoothies for lunch. Specifically the Chunky Strawberry which has yogurt, soy milk, peanut butter, and granola all blended in with the fruit.
It’s a walk in place where you place your order then wait until they call it out. So I am waiting and waiting…and they call out Chunky Strawberry! I watched them make it I go to get it, and this other woman reaches out her hand to take it too. The girl behind the counter looks at me. And the other woman says “It’s mine.” I say “Chunky Strawberry?” She looks at me, takes the smoothie and leaves. Then after waiting a few more minutes the girl who tried to give me my drink asked for the second Chunky Strawberry. The maker of the smoothies said, I already made it, it’s hers and points to me.
This is when we realize that this woman had walked in the exit door, waited, and then STOLE MY SMOOTHIE!!! The things people will do for a Jamba Juice. She was so adamant. I wasn’t about to fight her. But seriously. That was my smoothie.
But I did finally get my smoothie, and with a buttered bagel…Bliss.

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