March 30 saw my departure to Montreal for four days.  I went for a conference and felt my poster went over well.  I heard some interesting papers.  It was also cold and exhausting.  Late nights and early mornings.  I needed my afternoon naps!  Since I was there with school people, we did manage to get a lot of school work done.  Which is good, because I have done almost nothing since then.  I got home and had one day for rest and recovery, two full days of school, and one day for running errands that desperately needed to be done (and the laundry so I could repack).  I have no pictures from this trip as I forgot to have one taken in front of the poster, and there wasn’t much else that we did – although we did take a couple of hours to walk around the old city before leaving.

day 1 – in the French Quarter

April 7 saw my departure to New Orleans for another conference.  This one longer and doubled as a vacation and it was somewhere WARM!  I wore shorts.  The weather forecast said temperatures in the 80s, but I had honestly forgotten what that feels like.  This conference was ok, it was a different group of researchers so I got the feeling that people weren’t as interested in what I was doing here as they were in Montreal.  But that was ok, because I GOT TO WEAR SHORTS!  Not to the conference, but outside.  Thank you Mom for buying me spring maternity clothes, I would have been miserable in jeans the whole time.  We walked around the French Quarter and ate lots of fried food.  Everything in New Orleans seems to be fried.  I came home and really needed a salad.  The first two days were just Mom and I.  Then Chip and Rob came down to join us.  Rob and I stayed two extra days, and just having time where we weren’t thinking about work or school was great.  It was like a real vacation or something.  I did “school” going to the conference, but we had our free time.  We took a carriage ride through the city and went to the cemetery and rod the St. Charles Street trolley through the garden district.  Rob and I also spent a morning walking through Audubon Park.  And we spent some time just hanging out at the hotel.  Oh, the life on vacation – I feel like I need another one…

28 weeks pregnant – at lunch outside somewhere

I was home for three days (two for school, one for errands, luckily I was well rested) and headed to Indiana on the 16 for my baby shower.  I am still here and so grateful to everyone who came. 

Picture posts to come when I get home to my camera cord.  And it is FINALLY SPRING BREAK, meaning once I get home I get to stay there for SIX DAYS with no classes or teaching.  I am so excited.

Oh, and traveling 3 times in 3 weeks is CRAZY, especially while pregnant, but both Simon and I are holding up.

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