Today is my due date.  As of Friday’s appointment we are still waiting.  Lots and lots of waiting.  My fingers and ankles and feet are swollen, but not so bad that most people would notice.  Thank goodness I own a pair of flip flops though.  I usually reserve them for the pool or beach, but my sandals no longer fit.  At Fridays appointment I was up 40 pounds, but today it was only 35.  So that is my final weight gain fluctuation.  I’m good with that.  The clothes in these pictures so don’t fit anymore, but I wanted the outfit for comparison.  I have enough to get me through a week, but since I’m mostly staying home, I am re-wearing as much as possible.  My waist is still 42 inches around.  Baby boy has definitely dropped.

We spent the weekend cleaning.  And by we, I mean mostly Rob.  I helped some but he did the bulk of the work.  We also have the bassinet table in place.  We covered a remnant piece of plywood with batting and fabric and it is supported under the mattress and on the bookshelf, perfect table for the bassinet (which is also part of the stroller).  The baby will sleep bedside for awhile.  Our living room seems so big when it’s clean.  And we also wonder how we fit so much in here to begin with.

“Baby, when are you coming???”

Rob is betting the baby will come Wednesday July 6, on his birthday.  It will be a post of it’s own if he has to make his own birthday cake.  I think it will be Thursday or Monday.  Regardless, we check in Monday night for a Tuesday morning induction.

To continue the Birthday Week celebrations we went to see Transformers this morning.  We went to the 10:20AM show.  What we have learned is that the weekend of the 4th is a great time to see movies, because most of the world is at the beach or a BBQ or not at the movies.  Especially not in the morning.  There were about 12 people in the theater, amazing for an opening weekend.  The early morning also meant we aren’t taking chances that I “might” go into labor tonight.  I’m not counting on it.  Tomorrow we have a quick doctor appointment then are spending the afternoon at the MoMA and eating lunch in the cafe there.

Here is a quick morphing movie Rob put together of the growing belly.  It hasn’t gotten a ton bigger in 7 weeks, but you can see growth.  This is 21, 33, and 40 weeks.  You can also reference THIS post from a few weeks ago with the side by side shot.

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