now about that bathrooom

We are incredibly lucky to have a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo.  I use the second bathroom for keeping a lot of my stuff.  And I fix my hair in there, because when we are both working and getting ready at the same time, it is nice to have my own space.

in March.  see the bathtub ‘o stuff in the mirror

But I’ve always showered in the master bath.  less to clean that way.  With the exception of when Josh was living with us, and a few times that we’ve had visitors, it is functioning as a half-bath.  Meaning most of the time we use the bathtub in there as a closet.

When I started to accumulate baby stuff, into the tub it went.  Because there certainly wasn’t room for it in the disaster area we once called an office.

When we replaced the utility cabinet with the crib.  The baby stuff went to the crib or dresser and the books and things from the cabinet took up residence in the tub.  Along with the ill-fated bedding until it’s return.

We’ve decided to give cloth diapering a shot.  We don’t have a washing machine, but we do have machines in the building.  And I know a few people in the neighborhood who do it.  It will be a challenge at first, but if we can make it work will save us lots of money.  Even better, I’ve managed to get quite a few for free from Mom’s who are cutting down their stash.  But back to that bathroom.

Because cloth diapering will require some rinsing of things in the toilet.  And because of our space constraints I thought it would be nice to keep all things nice in the bathroom.  I gave Rob a description of what I wanted.  And he modeled it for me.  Then my Dad helped me get the wood and we put it all together.

What is it?  Why, a changing table and shelves that fit into that not currently used second bathtub.  The books and things from the cabinet have found home on the re-organized shelving and closets elsewhere in the apartment.  The baby stuff is put away.

Behind the curtain is the seat for our stroller, until we are done with the bassinet attachment.  Also are the pack-and-play and baby bathtub that I got for free from other moms and we may or may not keep depending on usefulness.  It’s also a great place to keep the “goodwill bag” that I take every few months to donate whatever gets tossed in there as I am constantly purging.
The top shelf is the changing pad, some diapers, wipes, and baby lotions creams, etc…  The second shelf has cloth diapers and behind the bins are all of our extra towels and baby bath supplies which I can get to from the side.  The bottom shelf holds the g-diapers, all disposable inserts, a pack of disposable diapers and extra toilet paper that I buy in the 20 pack.
All in all it is a great use of creating new storage.  And one day when the kid needs his own bathtub the shelving is easily removable and the baby stuff stored there will no longer be needed.

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