Oh, Irene

We missed the earthquake last week, but were back just in time for Hurricane Irene.  MTA shutdown, grocery stores out of water, everyone out of batteries.  We were lucky.  Many areas lost power, hopefully not for too long.  New Jersey was hit hard.  There was lots of flooding, we had none of that.  We prepared for Irene by going to the grocery for our normal shopping trip mostly because we needed food.  Saturday morning I filled up all of our pitchers and water bottles, just in case.  We have a flashlight, matches, and candles.

Yesterday morning we took a walk to get out before the storm hit.  We had light to moderate rain on and off yesterday.  Lots of rain overnight.  Our window is leaking…again…ugh…since they just “fixed” it.  Since it was fixed a year ago, this fix really made it worse.  This morning Irene made landfall in New York.  A tropical storm now.  Once she passed, the back end was lovely.  A bit of sunshine, a light rain, the smell of fall in the air.  A leaky window, I’m glad that’s the worst of it.  But now I need to get the window fixed.
the worst destruction we could find

After the weather cleared, we went for a Sunday afternoon walk.  Business as usual in Sunnyside.  Many restaurants and shops were open.  The park was full.  This tree, kindly leaning against the car rather than smashing it, was the worst damage we came across.  Lots of leaves down.  Last weekends thunderstorm was worse.  Again, we were lucky.

flying a kite in the park

As a bonus to me, classes are cancelled tomorrow.  I’m assuming in part because the MTA won’t be up and running until later in the day tomorrow and no one can get to school.


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