Two Months

Oh baby boy! You are getting so big.  At 2 months Simon weighs in at 12 pounds even (52%) and 24.5 inches long (95%); tall and skinny.  The two month vaccines were great at the doctor, you whined for about 3 seconds then turned and smiled at me.  But at night it wasn’t quite such smooth sailing.  A super fussy evening and lots more crying than usual.  Some Tylenol and swaddling put you right to sleep.

In the last few weeks so much has changed.  Smiles are big time…for everyone but mama.  When we are out you are a charmer smiling and grinning at most everyone.  When you aren’t fussing and your Daddy asks you to smile you usually do.  I have to work a bit harder for them.  That might not really be true, but sure feels that way sometimes.  You have laughed a few times.  Laughing gives you the hiccups.  You know your mama and daddy, when we come into the room or talk to you, you turn and light up.  That is pretty cool.

You are so strong.  You love to stand.  If we put you next to the Monkey’s cage and wrap your hands around the bars you stand for a few seconds on your own.  Standing up and looking at the world is your favorite thing to do.  You are starting to grasp things, but when you do it’s a little surprising and it’s not deliberate yet.  You really hate tummy time, but all of the standing has helped you build neck control.

We’ve had lots of company this month.  It’s so much fun to see family and you’ve been to Coney Island and the US Open, and many many restaurants.  But it’s also nice to be back on our own schedule.  You aren’t sleeping great, it’s been a complete meltdown, then 4-5 hours.  But you are so so happy when you wake up in the morning that I kind of forget about the rough night.

I started working again, so you come with me one day and then you have a day and a half with Dad.  It’s going great for me, but you and Dad still have a few things to work out.

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