Babies are kind of like pets.

The characters: Baby (Simon), Rabbit (Theo), Dog 1 – my mom’s (Tellie)

The evidence:
– The obvious, like babies are needy and you can’t just leave them.  Like pets.
– You can play “fetch” as entertainment. Or in the case of Zane the parrot and Simon dropping things, they play “fetch” with you. Either way.
– They ARE the entertainment when you laugh at the silly things they do.

– Simon likes to chew on shoes, so does Tellie.
– Simon likes to chew on shoelaces, so does Theo.
– Simon likes to crawl into the crevice that you would think he’d never fit into or the dark space like – under the couch or ottoman, so does Theo.
– Simon doesn’t do so well on the wood floor, neither does Theo – it’s too slippery.
– Somehow they all know how to find and chew on everything they shouldn’t have.
– Simon likes to practice his jump kicks (in the bouncer or being held) just like Theo.

– And the grossest of all…You know how dogs will lick up their own thow-up? Yeah, Simon does that too.

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