Today has been one of those days where I kind of wish I blogged anonymously.  Then I could tell the Internet all about it.  Instead Rob gets an earful of venting when I get home.  Since I don’t want to publicly state it all, the short version is today I got to spend my afternoon dealing with the crap part of teaching that I really really hate.  The part that extinguishes any of the growing feeling of “OK, maybe I could stay in academics and teach” completely.  The part that reminds me why I stopped wanting to teach 10 years ago.  The thing is I don’t actually disagree with the problem.  I disagree with being notified of it 3 weeks into a semester and the quick fix is to change the curriculum I’ve been working on for almost a year (and would affect almost 600 students).  We’re working on a solution.  But seriously, I’ve cursed more today than I have in the past year.  Probably not really, but it feels like it.

Today I am STILL dealing with a paperwork issue that should have been resolved in JUNE when I made a special trip in while 37 weeks pregnant to find some documents were missing.  They were sent. I am now told they are missing again and the person who can fix it does not return email or phone calls.

Not anonymously, Simon was with me.  And it was the first day I was kind of glad he was.  BUT due to some miscommunication, the babysitter didn’t show, so that was fun… And he went through 3 outfits by 2 o’clock.  His current onesie has both poo and pee stains and I just don’t care.  Because he’s not getting another outfit before pajama time.  Which is soon.

BUT Simon smiles now.  And he laughs.  And Ellen down the hall can get him to do almost a real belly laugh.  And it’s so cute it makes me cry.  So despite all the stress, there is good.  And I’m kind of most excited that the fall TV season starts tonight.

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