US Open

Last weekend Alison, James, and Andrew came to visit and attend the US Open.  What I remembered about myself is that I really love watching sports.  It doesn’t matter what so much as long as it’s live and in person.  So the tennis was awesome.  The downside was that the rain caused some rescheduling that led to Alison and I taking Simon to a VERY late night match on Saturday.  We saw the women’s semis and the men’s doubles final.  The final started at 11:57 and because so few people stayed we got to go courtside.  That was cool.  And Simon did so great in his three days of attendance.

The boys got to meet their cousin for the first time and we did some touring of Manhattan.  A trip to Chinatown and Wo Hop, a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, so shopping and more eating.  Rob and the boys even got to take in a show (Spiderman).  Overall a fun trip.

This picture is for Andrew who wanted to know what all the empty tracks were for.  Well they are only empty during the day.  At night it’s where the 7 trains park until morning rush hours.

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