Poor Simon has spent so much of this trip in the car seat.  He kind of hates it.  There is lots of fussing, but some sleeping.  My mom got an infant seat for her car.  And while I do see the benefit of being able to pop out the seat and take the baby in, or put the seat into a stroller, I find the seat heavy and cumbersome.  We’ve hardly used the Ergo.
On the trip to Madison we got to spend a couple of days with my Grandma Frazier and Dad.  Emily took a day off to spend some time with us too.  Auntie Em brought Yumi, Simon got his first encounter up close with a dog.
We took a trip downtown to eat some lunch at Hinkles. Then we walked around downtown and on the river.  We stopped at the playground.  Em took him on his first slide.
And then we tried the swing.  Again.  He’s got enough body control to sit in the swing now, but he’s still to little to really enjoy it.
Papa loves Simon.
 And while we were walking we found our family brick from 1987 when they first put in the river walk.
 Family picture.  I kind of like this one.
 Aunt Patty came to visit.
And before we left we had a little family dinner.  This was the first time in awhile that all siblings and Dad have been together.  Clint was a little embarrassed that we had the waitress take a picture because “we live here” but I’m glad we got it.

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