4 months

And you are getting so big.  14 pounds now and 26.5 inches tall!  This month has been huge in growth for interactivity.  We can roll from belly to back and back to belly.  You did each for about a week, all the time, and now only occasionally.  I think it’s because you don’t get much from it yet.  I think that in a few more weeks you will use your rolling to help you get places.  Right now you are still coordinating all of your limbs.  Your arms are less spazzy now.  You are starting to reach for things with purpose.  Any toys in your hand or within reach go straight to the mouth.  If there are no toys then your burp rag, fist, arm, my hand or arm will all work just fine. I’m not sure how you do it, but your inchworm technique is moving you pretty well.  It’s slow, but sometimes I find you off the blanket. You are sitting pretty good with support, and tummy time is no longer torture.  You can hold your head and body up for quite a long time and enjoy babbling to whatever print is on the blanket of the moment.  On your 4 month birthday we got a jumperoo, I think you are going to really love it. This month flew by.  I worked a ton, so lots of daddy-baby time was had.

Some days you really throw tantrums.  Then you both fall asleep.

You are a drooling machine.  You can soak through a bib in 10 minutes. Your face is covered in drool rash.  You love to suck on apple slices, and once a grape – that almost ended badly though, so no more grape for awhile.  Eating food is still a month or two away, but we are ok with you getting little tastes right now.  Mostly the fruit has gone over well.  You love to sit on our laps while we eat and look at the food.  You laugh and talk all the time now.  You can blow razberries, so we do that a lot.  You also found “the baby in the mirror.”  You are really responding to our voices now.  When I get home you smile when you see and hear me.  Same for Dad.  Mostly still vowel sounds, but the babbling is increasing.  You are just starting to entertain yourself, where I can leave you for 20 minutes or so.  I hope this trend continues and my productivity will increase greatly.

And you took your first flights to Indiana to visit all the grandmas and grandpa.  You flew quite well, although the downside for flying with a baby is we can’t sleep on the flight.  Babies sleep just fine.  Since you refused to nurse on the take-off and landing you were awake for, we were happy this trick was shared – blow in his face to make him breathe and swallow.  It stopped the crying anyhow since you would not suck.  You also really liked looking out the window.  On the way there, we flew business class, the extra room was nice, and you slept the whole time. 

The way home we flew coach, but I used a trick I read on a blog somewhere and booked the window and aisle seats, and we lucked out and no one took the middle, so that was nice.  Airport security was surprisingly easy.  They let me keep you in the carrier and just tested my hands after walking through the x-ray.  Way easier than having to take you off and wake you up…  Grandma has a carseat and we borrowed a stroller there, so we didn’t travel with those this time around.

I was going to brag about sleep here.  But last night we were up every two hours.  So it’s not great, but it’s not awful either.  I can’t yet bring myself to be consistent with sleep training, but the current wake up all the time is working ok for now.  Some nights are really really awesome.

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