Indiana: the wedding edition

IMG_1930Emily’s wedding was so much fun. We did pictures beforehand and unfortunately at least one of the nephews was crying at all times, so I’m interested to see how they turn out. The barn venue was perfect and after the exceptionally short ceremony everyone ate and wandered around.

IMG_1941A bunch of the kids got a ball and had a great time running around. The photobooth props were also a hit.





IMG_6874After some strawberries stained Simon’s shirt and he de-robed he was the shoeless wonder running around. He even got to visit the miniature donkey.

IMG_1937He loves his Auntie Emily.



The grandparents (and my many cousins) passed Caleb around.


Then we got in on the photobooth action. After these were taken we grabbed a couple of family photos before taking the kids back to the hotel with the sitter. I’m really hoping one comes out.

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After dropping the kids off we finished the reception dancing the night away.


IMG_1958 IMG_1956IMG_1956IMG_1956Love you Em.

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