Five Months

next month I post the progression in this outfit, which was mine.

Wow!  Five months already. Actually last week.  I’m guessing around 11 months I’ll finally get a month post up on the actual day.  This month showed lots not new things.  Mastery of jumping is number one.  Oh, how he loves the jumper, there have been multiple occasions where we’ve left him for a few minutes only to come back to the room and find him sound asleep face planted on the seat with arms grabbing the toys.  His smiles are so so big when he jumps and kicks.

There is no real rolling action going on.  He can roll, he just doesn’t much anymore.  Simon is now reaching for toys and books. He can get almost everything to his mouth in a fluid motion now. He may have destructed the indestructible book. Simon can sit still and look at pictures when we read to him. I’ve showed him a few episodes of Yo Gabba Gabba and Scholastic read alouds.  He’s got about 5 minutes of attention, but he sits so still. 

Simon is at this lovely stage where he can lay on his blanket with a couple of toys and entertain himself for long enough for me to take a shower or eat lunch and sometimes even long enough to do some school work.  He still loves lights.  And music.  I made a playlist of all the baby friendly music, we play it alternating with the Christmas music.  The smiling and laughing is so much fun.

The crying and refusal to eat and sleep is not so much fun.  He still refuses a bottle on Dad days except for just enough to keep from starving.  He is then cranky and will cry.  A lot.  Then when I get home he makes up for it by eating all night. Some days it seems like we are getting better, then we are not.  This month has been rough for the sleep.  We went from waking once or twice to four or five times a night.  I think this is because we also had our first sick baby visit.  Just a cough, Simon isn’t so bothered by it, and the doctor said it is just a virus.  But not feeling well would make me wake up too.

Simon also went to work for the first time.  I took him to the baby lab at school to participate in his first research study.  He will go back every few months for different studies about motor development.  Kind of cool.

At five months we get to start food.  Simon loves to eat.  We also got a sippy cup. He loves to play with the cup and suck on it, just not when there is anything in it.  This will be worked on because January 3 we start daycare three days a week.  Such a big boy.

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