Cohort: Beer Garden

Saturday we met up with a couple of grad school friends at the “original” Beer Garden.  We took Simon.  And just to show how “baby friendly” this place is during the day, you should have seen the 15 strollers and all the kids running and dancing (there is a dance floor).  The photographic proof is in the party that was taking place one table over.  Look closely, it’s a first birthday!  Am I getting an idea for next year? Maybe.

Svetlana and Marko had lots of fun with Simon.  At the end of the day we were wiped.  But oh, so much fun to hang out with friends and not think about school/work/the disaster area that was our apartment.

Marko testing that Simon really can stand – if you hold him up.

This may be my favorite.

Someone is very interested in the french fries…

Drool face.

It’s pictures like this where I can see that I really do still have 10 lobs to go…

Big boy at the table.

Deep in thought.

Watching the big kids play.

Konked out.

After the Beer Garden, we stopped for a coffee to keep us going for the evening.  You know for all the work we didn’t do all day.

Simon’s starting to grasp things. 🙂

Next time, I will plan more in advance so everyone can make it…

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