Date Night: Newsies!

DSC05140Saturday, Rob and I had what easily falls in to the Top 10 of our greatest dates ever. Our Christmas present to ourselves was a set of tickets to see Newsies on Broadway. It is one of my most favorite movies and I realized that I would forever regret not seeing it. We only go to about one show a year so we make it count and get the best seats we can, but really in most of the theaters there are no bad seats.

As a lover of the movie I will say that it took me a little while to let go of my expectations and embrace the changes to the stage version. And I did enjoy it but I still love the movie more. ***SPOILERS Ahead***

Davey’s sister and the newspaper reporter were combined to a newspaper woman who is also Jack’s love interest. This was a bit jarring, but I understand how it simplified and moved the story along.

I wasn’t a huge fan of Medda, she just seemed to loud and over the top. I was sad to see “Lovey Dovey Baby” go, but I did like the replacement song used.

I like the new “Brooklyn” song a lot and it doesn’t hurt that there is a nod to Woodside (my current ‘hood) in the scene. I did miss the surge of more Newsies that is possible in film, but not stage as the cast size can’t double for just a few scenes. The staging was done well though.


The end got really cheesy and I don’t think that the changes furthered the story, so that was a little annoying. It is my personal opinion that if you are going to make changes there should be a reason. Why are the children of the newspaper giants involved – really, Pulitzer, Hurst, and a third’s children all want to defy their parents and band together. And when Jack yells “We won!” well, they didn’t really. They compromised (with a smaller hike, but the paper would buy back unsold papers) but whatever.

I really hated that Pulitzer offers Jack a job as a political cartoonist. The offer would never happen, nor would Jack take it. At least not the Jack I know and love.

The final scene with Teddy Roosevelt was just weird. He was a caricature and the dialogue made me cringe a little. everyone was just a bit to loud. And then Medda came in with her line about “let me see that back seat everyone’s been talking about. hahaha” and that was it for me. Not because of the innuendo, but because they CHANGED THE WORDS TO THE SONGS in a few places, but notably removing “met this girl last night” and “a Saturday night with the mayor’s daughter” which I assumed was to make it more family friendly. Fine. If you must. But then don’t go add something else “unacceptable” by that standard. This I wasn’t happy with. Plus, it’s really hard to sing along with your favorite songs (in my head not out loud, don’t worry I’m not that obnoxious) when they CHANGE THE WORDS!


So now you are wondering – this is in your Top 10 dates? Yes it is and here is why. We had an afternoon out where we did something fun and we weren’t worried or stressed about work or Simon. And after we went to dinner. Once every year or two, we go out to a nice restaurant and order all the courses and don’t worry about the cost. This was that meal. But the date wasn’t great because of the cost. The date was great because we sat and ate for two hours! And we talked about things other than work stress and Simon. We talked about nothing and everything. We talked about our relationships and our personal and professional goals. We laughed and dreamed. And that is why it was a great date.

We haven’t come up with the full Top 10, but at least three are from when we were dating. And one is our first anniversary and another last year’s War Horse and dinner date. But now for your viewing pleasure a picture of us on our first unofficial date in March 2007 (before the blog) when we went to see the H.M.S. Pinafore Puppet Show with dinner at Half King afterward. We were with a large group of friends. Rob sat next to me and held my hand under the table. That is possibly the most life changing date of my life.


A Week With Simon

This week is mid-winter break. That week in February with the public schools (and daycare) close. I was home with Simon Monday – Wednesday. One of those days I decided to take a  picture an hour to show our day. I made it to 12:30. Then I realized I was having one of those days where I am really glad I work. The other days I was winning at parenting. Unfortunately I still only have these four pictures. I share with you now, my Monday from 9:00 – 12:30.






It was messy, and busy. I was exhausted at the end of it, but at least the laundry got folded and we went to the grocery. Some days that is more than enough.

*So much for a writing schedule this week. I’m giving myself a bye for the holiday and will try again next week.

High and Low

It’s been over a week since my last blog post. Two weekends ago I wrote and scheduled my posts for the week, and I had the best of intentions of doing the same last weekend. But time got away from me and it didn’t happen. I have so many posts in my head though. There have been so many highs and lows lately, contributing to the lack of making time to write.

Today was a really good day. I attended a colleagues dissertation defense this morning. I left inspired with a renewed passion for wanting to come up with a dissertation project I really care about. Then I had lunch with my adviser and another professor in my field of interest and we talked about the development of said project. I need to spend the next couple of months looking into grant funding and the feasibility of the project. And writing. A lot. But I feel really good about school. Next week, or tomorrow I need to remember this feeling. ***Update: on Friday I found out my paper that I’ve been working on for almost four years was accepted for publication in a fancy peer-reviewed journal.***

Tuesday I felt like my professional life was a mess. I had spent two days rushing from daycare, to meetings, to working, to daycare, to the grocery, doing laundry and was exhausted as my life was cut into segments that were scheduled just badly enough that nothing lined up. And I have no real funding package for grad school, and no grant money this year and I really need to find a paying job (through school or otherwise). I spent a couple of days feeling really depressed. I was back to one idea of doing a dissertation I don’t really love, but it would be fast and I could likely graduate in 2014.

Then there are days when I get home and Simon lights up to see me and yells “MAMA” and gives me the biggest hug and kiss. And we play trains. And he snuggles. And is sweet. Then we do our bed time routine (pjs, feed the rabbit, nurse, watch the “Twinkle Star” video) tuck in at 8 and he sleeps until 5.

And then there are the damn crackers. The kid is kind of addicted to crackers. There was one day last week where I was talking to him on the walk home from school about seeing Daddy at home and having eggs for dinner. He asked “And crackers?” When I told him no crackers there was SCREAMING. There were no crackers in sight. Then we got home and there were no crackers. So more SCREAMING and throwing of food. Then NOT sleeping. And waking up every three hours. And I feel like I can’t go on like this.

I’ve had a lot of highs and lows lately. Today though was a very good day. I have a few writing projects that have real deadlines and requires a bit more of a structured writing schedule, so I figure I’ll schedule some blogging too. I will survive both getting a PhD and toddler hood. On bad days I just need to recall days like today.

The Monday Snapshot: Trains

The boy loves trains. He really really loves trains. For the last month he’s spent large portions of his day pushing his two trains around the floor and connecting them in difference configurations. Friday we went to the Hall of Science and he spent a full hour playing trains with the train tracks. It was time for him to have his very own train tracks. After church we went to the toy store and decided to go with an Imaginarium City Train Set which is compatible with Thomas and others, but half the cost. The craftsmanship might be a little lower than with other sets, but for a first track, it is a WIN! We can add to it as we please. Hours of fun so far and to come.IMG_5682




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