What do the old wives say?

So are we having a brother or a sister? Honestly, we have no preference. Either is equally exciting/terrifying in it’s own way. I took these Old Wives tales from Josey. The old wives are pretty clear.

  1. How are you carrying? (high-girl/low-boy) – I have a little belly going on but no idea if it’s high or low. ***see last post for belly shot. (no idea)
  2. What do you crave? (salty-boy/sweet-girl) – I’m not craving sweets or deserts so much and generally I never turn down desert. I am craving meat – so salty? (BOY)
  3. Husband’s weight? (gained-girl/maintained-boy) – I don’t think Rob is gaining with me, but I’m not gaining yet either (BOY).
  4. Facial Acne? (yes-girl/no-boy) – Nope! but I had a ton (for me) with Simon, so I don’t know what that means. (BOY)
  5. Baby’s heart rate? (>140 girl, <140 boy) – I haven’t actually asked, but I think it was 137 bpm at last check. Another where I’m pretty sure Simon was in the 150-160 range though (BOY)
  6. Chinese Gender Chart: http://www.thelaboroflove.com/chart/pred.html – Make sure you use your lunar age – the algorithm upon which this chart is based! (this came out boy for Simon) (GIRL)
  7. Sleep Position – Pay attention to which way you lay down in bed tonight. Left side or right side?  (left-boy/right-girl) I sleep on my back… I move around a lot but usually start on my right side. (GIRL)
  8. Upset Stomach – Do/did you have extreme nausea? (yes-girl/no-boy) Nope! I actually feel pretty great most of the time. (sorry to all of my friends who did have this) Even though I felt worse with Simon (oh the motion sickness) I wouldn’t call that extreme either. (BOY)
  9. Soft or Dry Hands – Have your hands been soft? Or dry during your pregnancy?(dry:boy/soft:girl) Not sure? Dry I guess? (BOY)
  10. Face Weight Gain – Has your face filled in more so than normal? (fuller face: girl / no: boy) Not really, I haven’t gained any weight yet. (BOY)
  11. Baby Weight – Are you carrying your baby towards the front only? Or is the weight spaced all around your middle? (front:boy/all around:girl) All front again (BOY)

Scorecard: Girl: 2     Boy: 8     Unsure: 1

Answer to Come.

What do you think?

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