New Traditions: Thanksgiving

This year I wanted to try taking Simon to the parade. I thought he’d like it, but it could have been a disaster. The first time I went we got there several hours early to get a spot – that was NOT happening. The second time, we were working at Nick and had a warm conference room overlooking Broadway. So my plan to get to a spot in the park was iffy. It was quite fantastic actually.

IMG_6116This may be one of my favorite picture, but truly doesn’t reflect the experience. At first Simon had no idea what was going on. And it was cold – but not windy. He was not amused.

IMG_6117Then the parade started and Simon started to get a little interested.

IMG_6120There was the Thanksgiving Turkey.

IMG_6125And Snoopy.

IMG_6127There were marching bands.

IMG_6128And “a kitty cat AIRPLANE!”

IMG_6129Here it comes!

IMG_6121Richard Simmons!

IMG_6132And Simon is finally getting what the parade is all about.

IMG_6134A smile! And pointing at the balloons and floats.

IMG_6135Duck Dynasty was a big hit. I couldn’t get a clear picture without people in front of me waving.


IMG_6141Simon got tired of sitting and watching. He was getting tired and cold. So we did some running in the park.


IMG_6143Rob and Simon walked back to the street to see Spiderman. The only balloon casualty this year.

IMG_6144 They almost called off the balloons – that would be a strange parade – but instead just flew them low. Spiderman, however got his arm caught in a tree and here only 15 blocks into the parade it is deflated.

IMG_6145Then we decided it was time to call it a day.

IMG_6146Usually I cook and Val and Josh come over and sometimes our “homeless friends” who don’t have family nearby. But this year with the parade I didn’t want the added stress so I said no to hosting and cooking. Add in teaching on Sundays so no down time and the third trimester; I just didn’t want to deal with it.

We picked up Val at grand Central and ate at a restaurant. It was lovely. No prep or clean-up. It was the perfect stress free Thanksgiving. We found the downside though is no leftovers.

So while the tradition of attending the parade will continue next year there will likely be cooking.

Thanksgiving: 2008, 2009, 2011

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2 thoughts on “New Traditions: Thanksgiving

  1. What a fun tradition! We get to enjoy the tradition from our couch…but it’s one of our favorites watching the parade. I was there to witness the parade in person in 2002. I think we watched it from somewhere off Broadway…maybe 43rd? I just remember it was Soooooooo cold!! But fun to be there in person!

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