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coffeechat_frontI’ve now spent entirely too many hours blogging today. Lot’s of scheduled posts in the queue as I’ve been editing photos and TRYING without success to edit the video you are about to see. I used to be a pretty good video editor, but it’s been about five years since I’ve done any heavy editing and probably close to three since I last opened any of my editing programs. All of that to say, I’ve kind of forgotten how. And it’s not like I’m trying to do anything too crazy – just adding an opening and some underlying music. I’ll have to get Rob to help me.

In the meantime you have my friend Hannah to thank for this video. If you aren’t reading her blog, you should because she’s awesome. And also in the middle of a pretty amazing adoption story. Hannah started a little feature called coffee chat and asked us (her readers) to play along. This is my attempt.

You are now warned that I spend entirely too long blathering about coffee and that I’m way spazzier than I realized on camera. Sorry about that…

Also, it is now afternoon. So good afternoon.

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3 thoughts on “Coffee Chat

  1. YAAAAAAY! This was so fun! I felt like we were really having coffee! And yeah, I totally get you on the whole coffee culture thing. Maybe it started when Starbucks exploded with countless franchises? I read a really cool article my friend Sean (Southside Espresso owner) posted about the psychology of coffee and it was SO interesting. It was about how having something in your hand like a cup of coffee helps create a barrier between you and the other person so you’re more willing to chat and open up over a cup of coffee bc you feel safe. Something like that. I wish I could go back and find the article.

    And you made me chuckle…”It’s not the city that never sleeps. It’s the city that stays up really really late and then sleeps in.” hahaha! So funny!

    Thanks for doing a coffee chat! You should do it again. And then again. And again and again. 😉

    1. This was hilarious and you could see that you relaxed a couple of minutes into it and then it got really good. I am not so sure I would leave this one up forever, but I definitely think you should start adding this short video type thing to your blog. Coffee shops and hanging out in them is definitely a 21st century thing. Not many people over 40 are hanging out in the coffee shop in small towns alone. It is more used like a diner to sit down and hang with the friends you brought with you….and then when you think about it like that, why not just go for lunch? Ha.

  2. Love it. You gave a “shout out” to my kids and I in Indiana, who go on “coffee dates” frequently :). I drank my coffee with you and smiled. Miss you lots!

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