Marshmallow Man

Sunday morning Rob asked me if I thought Ghostbusters would be to scary for Simon. I said I thought he could handle it. He’s very sensitive to emotions, but there is a kind of scary he finds fun and will ask for. The scary he doesn’t handle we’ll is when bad things happen to parents or dying – so basically every classic Disney movie is out (we watch Peter Pan and Robin Hood).

So after nap we settled in to watch Ghostbusters. It’s “easy” to explain the scary as just pretend and it’s going to be ok. Then after the movie he knows it’s ok so repeat watching is full of glee.

However, at the end there is of course the Marshmallow Man. Or “the snowman goes boom and falls down and the marshmallows” and this made me hungry.

After the movie Rob and Simon went out in the drizzle of night and bought ingredients for Simon’s first rice crispies treats – because it is the most delicious of marshmallow themed dessert. Simon was a great helper.








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