Updates – spring 2014

It seems that every year around this time I take an accidental blogging hiatus. Sorry family! I used to blame it on school and all of the year end papers and stress that came with it. And that is a part of it, but this year there is no school. Instead it’s an incredibly adorable baby and the re-entry to work with some freelance I took on. And the re-entry to school as I’m starting to answer email in a timely fashion again. I took both kids to CSI last week for my undergrads presentation at the Undergrad Research Conference. She did great. Simon did ok with the promise bribe of cookies and getting to walk through the fountain.



Then I took a 3-day stat workshop last week, and I have a manuscript to revise and resubmit, and the dissertation proposal that needs to happen, and a million small things going on like my work with the Graduate Student Teaching Association (I’m an editor and writer for that blog – professional writing hey!) So my blogging hiatus happens because of a busy life coupled with the return of warmer weather and longer days. We’ve been spending a lot of time outside so less free time at the computer than winter days of movie watching.



I keep thinking that Instagram is enough. I’m posting pics to Instagram and Photostream for my Dad and a few others who aren’t on Social Media sites. But it’s not really. I don’t want to spam so I pic one picture per event – although occasionally I will Spam the feed. I’m also feeling a shift in how I present myself on Social Media. Because of the GSTA I’m now using Facebook and Twitter professionally – or I’m not really yet, but I’m hoping to head in that direction. I refuse multiple accounts so I’ve been quieter than usual as I think about how I want to navigate two open accounts (FB and TW) with a primarily personal audience right now, and I love that community, but knowing that professional contacts are following too. What do I share? It’s a shift that happens and spring seems to be my time to contemplate change. I may end up doing nothing differently and that’s ok too.


I’ll never stop blogging because I love the record and the release that it provides when I WRITE. Last year I thought about what I wanted my blog to be. And I wrote so much all fall and winter. This summer I think I want to give the blog a little facelift, mostly for how pictures are displayed. It will be good. I’ve been reading on my phone, but not commenting. Hoping that as the summer progresses make the time to comment and blog more. I see a lot of picture posts with Monday Adventures in my future.


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