I didn’t have it in me

#microblogmonday on Tuesday
I fully intended to blog yesterday. You know. On Monday. But I just didn’t habit in me.
Then I was going to blog just that line last night, but what a boring post.
I decided to try again today. So I sit on the train for the first leg of my commute to Staten Island to teach. But today I need to catch the 8am bus to be on a Skype session with a collaborator in Australia at 9. I’m pretty guaranteed to be late.
Because sleep sucks right now. Caleb, our generally good sleeper with solid naps and 1 or 2 night nursings isn’t sleeping. The world! Too exciting for naps. So naps are VERY short. Crawling on the verge and night sleep is consumed by rolling and flailing around the crib. And I think that at 7.5 months he my finally be teething. All of these will pass. But right now all are happening. I’ve been getting up with him EVERY HOUR. It’s exhausting. Since he’s not hungry most of those Rob offered last night so I could be rested for today. That resulted in a scream fest from 3-6. That was awesome. Even when I blocked the noise I KNEW he was crying. But I slept-ish. And then I was late because I finally did sleep again then packed all the school bags to help Rob who didn’t sleep at all.
This blog not really micro, but it came from my phone so there’s that.

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2 thoughts on “I didn’t have it in me

  1. Oh, that can be awful for parents, no? My brother and his wife faced that with their little girl – who was an absolute darling by day and a little wide-awake-monster by night! I hope Caleb settles down soon.
    Visiting you from #MicroblogMondays.

  2. Works for me — in length and even on a Tuesday. Plus look at me, commenting on a Wednesday.

    I love this line: “All of these will pass. But right now all are happening.” So true. Hope the sleep thing gets better.

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