a little family Christmasing

Because we didn’t want to cart a bunch of presents to Indiana only to bring them all back we opened family presents early. At first we were going to do it the night before we left, but what’s the fun in getting a new toy only to be told you can’t actually play with it. So we did it on a Saturday. Rob and I got each other a couple of small things and the boys got a couple of presents and new pajamas.

Christmasing mostly consisted of Simon opening everyone’s things and getting really excited about it. The best reaction was getting his Paw Patrol figures, which I don’t have a picture of. He was so excited and kept thanking us for them for the rest of the week, so excited that when he saw we fixed his ipod it was “Oh a phone. THANK YOU for my Paw Patrol.” It really is the little things.

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Simon: two Paw Patrol figures (Chase and Rubble), fixed ipod (Rob replaced battery), I Love NYC Lego book.

Caleb: two Little People Wheelie cars, soft blocks

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