#miccroblogmondays: Snow Angels

It’s been a tough winter. Professionally, for the first time in years I’ve been able to focus the majority of my time on my dissertation, only to find it isn’t viable. Better now than a month from now, but I’m still working through it. A new project is still to be determined but I have some meetings this week.

At home we have just been SICK. The last day all four of us were 100% was November 15, the day before Caleb went to the ER. Last week I got a call that Simon was sick. When I was on my way to pick him up to go to the doctor I got another call that Caleb was vomiting. So I picked both kids up. Simon had a double ear infection (his first) and Caleb some sort of stomach virus. They were cranky so I decided to just hop in a cab home (the doc is about 40 minutes by subway). Caleb proceeded to vomit on me the whole way home. He slept most of the weekend. They both have it now, no more vomit, just lots of diapers. I might prefer the vomit.

Sunday though, it started snowing. We’ve been pretty house bound for awhile and there was no way a little snow was going to stop us from going out for burgers. I REALLY needed a burger. So we walked. And Simon fell, sometimes for real and sometimes on purpose, but made snow angels the whole way. He just kept going.

When life knocks you down, make snow angels.

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2 thoughts on “#miccroblogmondays: Snow Angels

  1. I am so sorry you all have been sick for weeks!!! That sounds miserable. And I am also so, so, so sorry about your dissertation. I can’t imagine the heartache of all that work being for naught. Your attitude is amazing about it.
    Keep on keepin’ on, sister!
    You got this!!!

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